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Summer Guild Bash: Pre-Promo

Raining finally in San Diego and some talk of 'drought relief.'

Conversation with a guild member the other day yields the following, roughly: each according to his/her expertise. Meaning, for want of professional association, most writers convene to represent a role played by everyone else as well.

A room full of identical folding chairs.

That guild-mate and I had designs, in that moment, for a summer guild bash that would mark the first global poetry meeting of the 21st century, at least here in SD, where it rains occasionally.

At least that is the kind of thing we want to spend time imagining (the truancy of design in the age of busy schedules).

I was hoping to see Clayton Eshelman on stage tomorrow night over at SDSU, but that event has mysteriously disappeared from the website calendar.

The stage is empty.


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