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Confessions (out the door)

1. I don't believe at least 30% of what I write here and believe the rest only temporarily and contingently.

2. Much of what is posted here was first written by someone else.

3. Reading through other blogs, I devote at least some of my time to mining for recognizable references, including refs to this blog.

4. My blog actually belongs to several people, although they don't know it or know it only partially.

5. I keep a blog in partial fulfillment of a promise made to myself and others years and, in some cases, months ago.

6. The idea that others might read this makes me nervous.

7. The blog appeals to me primarily (if not entirely) because I am fundamentally committed to presenting myself as 'a writer.'

8. I have a hard time with blog-writers who choose to make fun of, ridicule, or berate other blog-writers, even in retaliation, but mostly because I'd rather not be on the receiving end of that sort of thing.

9. Of all the blogs I read, only two are generated by people I've met F2F.

10. My blog suffers from frequent lapses in focus, and I consider this a bad thing (today).

11. I think blogging generally suffers from either a lack or an over-abundance of critical self-reflexivity.

12. I started out as a writer using writing as a means of keeping track of myself, continued writing as a means of keeping track of others, and my blog has evolved the same way only in reverse.

13. The name of this blog -- -- was a mistake.

14. I am currently too preoccupied with blogging and sense an emerging addiction.

15. I am writing this confession in a well-lit room while those around me discuss gender, fantasy, and history.

16. 'Bill Marsh' both is and is not 'SDPG.'

17. I started this blog not knowing where it would lead and now wonder how (if) it will ever end.

18. Some of these entries are composed elsewhere (like this one [in ink]), then translated into this space.

19. I have decided since #14 that it's time to end this blog and start another.

20. I use 'reverse chronology' as both a strategy and an excuse.

21. I link only to those blogs that remind me the least of my own.

22. Confession #21 is not true, at least not anymore.


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