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Seemless Shelf-Promotion

(summer proj. now complete (in time for cooler weather))

also hoping to have more time in the near future (muy bizzy these days) to swap ideas and perspectives with fellow bloggers on the following:

Nick's list going EPC and the territorial/institutional repurcussions of that.

Interview with afore-mentioned on Sidereality and the question of blogs as digi-journals.

The curious fate of the Cubs and why Catherine's reference to "The Goats" has me curiously cringing.

Plus lots of other things. I don't read Critical Inquiry often, for example, but there are two pieces in the last two issues I think that are worth looking at, which perhaps (a closer look) I'll attempt when time frees up around here: one on "Corpse Poems" and another on the Language poets in Leningrad. Also in one of those issues Frederick Jameson waxes whacky on "time," but I hardly had enough to make heads or tails of it.

Otherwise, working with undergrads these days on issues of media ownership and cross-media consolidation. Re that I'll simply plug the excellent Center for Digital Democracy while urging this.


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