San Diego Poetry Guild

notes on guild, poetry, and San Diego


Special Sessions of the Modern Language Appropriation {San Diego, Dec 31 - Jan 1}

American Airlines Literatures
Anachronistic Literatures
Bargain Bin Literatures
Battered Literatures
Comparative Studies in Moribund Literatures
Comparative Studies in Shotgun Literatures
Comparative Studies in Tangible Literatures
Comparative Studies in Voluntary Literatures
Contagious Literatures
Deer Head Literatures
Early Homophonic Literatures
English Literature In Frustration
The Friends of Literature
German Literature Up To But Not Including 1700
Gesturo-Haptic Literatures
Language and the Giant Peach
Language Short-Changed
Language Unplugged
Late Twenty-First Century Literatures
Literary Convention Centers
Literary Toppings
Literature and Auto Repair
Literature and Other Lies My Teacher Told Me
Literature and Socially Responsible Investment
Literatures in Lines
Literatures Past Curfew
Literatures in Prose
Literatures Less Than 1900 And Greater Than 1901
Literatures on the Grassy Knoll
Literatures Without Visas
Methods of Literary Classification
Mexperimental Poetries
Poetry As/Is Poetry
Punctured Literatures
Risqué Literatures
Self-Serve Literatures
Studies in Comparative Influence
Teaching as a Confession
The American Quixotic Period
The Best Literatures Money Can Buy
The Draconian Period
The Many Ends of Literature
The Right Way to Pronounce 'Literature'
Tonsorial Literatures
Trashcan Literatures
Verse Versus Virus
Weathered Literatures
Well-Nourished Literatures
Wigged Literature


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