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(Micro) Weather Report

words began to push worlds from my mouth
an unconscious and transoceanic plagiarism [ontology]
foolish youth of long ago [then] birdsong!
[mom and sister author(it)s abounding in creases, those missing photos a.k.a. sonnets (hand)]
that childhood condition of surprise endings
dressing room... larger theater [cribbing sky-writing]
my plagiarist's study... time served... space taken
bodies and their interconnections became both more desperately scarce and more easily substitutable
dry goods
gender reassignment surgery [get bent] [seeking resisting]
enmeshment in the grid
like watching a slinky
surveillance documents [like watching a slinky]
documentary scrutiny
the trace of recent history
a synthetic pastoral [a fake scenography, a fraud]
on the far side of construction
inside an outside that was my interior
coming work... a clearing... an empty room
private arcana all equally bad
'context' often means devastation
be crude: 'crude thinking' (Brecht) [raw material]
architectural destiny and invariable structure [think Bucky balls and bubbles]
auto-ethnographic consciousness
Apostrophe... a case of mistaken identity
a concrete box that housed a single room
enclosure [see note]
a paper cut rather than useful knowledge
[habit all the way through]

--except for stuff in brackets, from Taylor Brady's Microclimates

--on deck: Kasey's Deerhead


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