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Report from the Front Lines of Oprah
[free press in America]

Live: 4:20pm PST

Things are looking good here. Technology "is key," so we're spending about the first twenty minutes touring the "unique conditions" at CNN headquarters. I tell you, you get an "adrenaline rush" walking into this place. We have to make careful decisions about what we show.

Special features from CNN outposts in Kuwait show us "how the latest technology brings the war into YOUR living room." Here, you see, is the "little box" that makes it all possible, as long as you have an electricity source, which, fortunately, we do. Just plug it in here, like that, and it's like your being there is like our being here, or something.

And you know, like Peter Jennings says, it's all worth it as long as we "make it real" somehow.

Watching at home, it's like you're "virtually riding along with the soldiers."

On board the U.S.S. Constitution with "Anne" now. We're getting a "private tour" of the facilities--quarters (a lot better than what they have down below, I tell you), bathroom, shower (cold for about the first ten minutes, seriously), and here (watch your head!) the bombs, planes, and "loud noises"--whoosh!

I tell you, Anne, "I can't believe you've managed to look so GOOD!"

Well, Oprah, it's amazing what you can do with a little "concealer." But seriously, um, we're thinking about focusing more on "humanitarian aid" now.

Is it true that you got caught without your gas mask the other day?

Yes, Oprah, sorry to say, heard the alarm, real "scary moment," but it's "worth the risk as long as I can shine a light in a place of darkness."

Thanks, Anne. When we come back, "what it's like for the families of these journalists.”

Break to commercial: ABC/10 News... leadership... Robinsons May...



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