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Tactical Revisions (press release)

Had some time on my hands this week, so decided to revamp. I'm not one for fancy templates (obviously) so I hope no one minds the goth-minimalist look I've settled on.

One thing the world of blogging always needs is more blogs, so I also took advantage of free time and started a new one, Dead Letter Game, which I figure it wouldn't hurt to say a few words about.

First, it doesn't replace this one but maybe fills in what's missing. Read it -- if you want -- as the back side of the page this blog (here) is written on, as a recoding, maybe a transcription, of what happens or has happened here.

Not so much an anti-blog as a blog held up to the light, so the text printed on the back becomes readable, if backwards.

Otherwise, I'm having a good time on the blog circuit familiarizing myself with everyone's latest projects.

Lime Tree I like for its refreshing take on all sorts of things. Texturl doesn't text or url as much as I'd like him too, but I enjoy checking in, all the same. Jism is hilarious. Equanimity gives me just that, if not the peaceful kind; witty and newsworthy. I'd like to know more about where Squish is coming from; maybe I'm missing something, but I kind of like being clueless in this case. Never Neutral seems to be the up and coming blogger's blog, for good reason. Elsewhere uses one of the nicer templates, and I'm digging the dialogical stuff. Nether has that good journal-like feel without trying too hard or shouting too loud. Conchology's "notebook" is great documentarian stuff. Fait Accompli always keeps me guessing, in a good way.

That's not the whole circuit but a good chunk of it, for what it's worth.

For reasons I'm not sure of, I feel like ending with an essay question:

Blogs are tactical, websites strategic. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Anyway, SDPG (the blog) is now officially back open, so please adjust your links accordingly.


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