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Report on Reports and Letters

I think by Friday I'll have the first round of DEAD LETTER GAME wrapped up, and so taking the opportunity to put that little gig on ice for a few days (weeks, months, whatever) and focus my energies here and here and maybe here. Fortunately, or perhaps not, the title requires that I try to keep it alive as long as possible, so watch for "future" developments. Dead letters live forever.

I'll also probably have to stop with FIVE (not bad I guess, considering the heat this summer) field reports for now although I had originally planned on doing at least ten by season's end. Having overdosed on theory/crit this summer, I'm rather fed up with metacommentary anyway, and besides, a zillion other things to do including trimming the trumpet vines and painting the bathroom. So, let the winds blow where they may.

I just reread Lyn Hejinian's My Life (Green Integer edition) and am tempted to start a blog by that title and post each sentence in order one per day for 2025 consecutive days (would take about 5.5 years). Is that plagiarism? At what point, I wonder, would I be approached for copyright violation? Anyway,, predictably, is already taken, but is not, should anyone care to steal My Idea.

Too late, I already did it and here it is.


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