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Two Itineraries / One Incomplete

Attn: Bay Area Bloggers

*********ITINERARY [complete] ************

Receipt and Itinerary as of 07/23/03 07:20PM

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Confirmation Date: 07/23/03
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Received: WILLIAM

DAVIS/OCTAVIA 526-2759372943-2

MARSH/WILLIAM 526-2759372944-3

Friday, August 01 - SAN DIEGO CA(SAN) to OAKLAND CA(OAK)
Flight 934 Y
Depart SAN DIEGO CA(SAN) at 12:15PM and
Arrive in OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 01:35PM

Monday, August 04 - OAKLAND CA(OAK) to SAN DIEGO CA(SAN)
Flight 1700 Y
Depart OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 09:05AM and
Arrive in SAN DIEGO CA(SAN) at 10:30AM


******** CHECKIN REQUIREMENTS *************
Positive identification is required at time of checkin.
You must check in and obtain a boarding pass at a Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter, RAPID CHECK-IN Kiosk, Skycap (where available), or at the Departure Gate. Customer not checking luggage who prefer to obtain a boarding pass at the Departure Gate must present a Security Document to pass though Security Checkpoint.

Customer Checkin Requirement - Passengers who do not obtain a boarding pass and present themselves in the departure gate area at least ten minutes prior to scheduled departure time may have their reserved space cancelled and will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation.

****** !!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! *******
** **
At a growing number of airports, Customers will need to bring
one of the following, along with their government-issued photo
ID, to proceed through the security checkpoint:
1. A Boarding Pass or
2. A Security Document and Itinerary/Receipt or
3. A Security Document and Ticket

Customers not checking luggage may Retrieve/Print their Security
Document beginning 6:00 AM one day prior to their flight.

To Retrieve/Print your Security Document and for Important
Information needed prior to traveling, visit the Travel Center
** **


This is a post only mailing from Southwest Airlines
regarding your flight confirmation.

Please do not attempt to respond to this message.

*******ITINERARY [incomplete] ********



  evening: Piombino/Young et al.; Oxygen Bar; 7pm

****** !!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! *******
** **

Please help us fill in this itinerary!


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