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Action w/ Poetics

This from Free Space Comix:

"Circulars had a poetics implicit in its multi-authored-ness, its admixture of text and image, its being a product of a small branch of the international poetry community, etc. Of course, the title also suggests that this website has some relationship to a poem, but perhaps as a non-site of poetry as it is a non-site for war, even a non-site for activism itself, where real-world effects don't occur. But my point for now is that the fragmentary artifacts of a politicized investigation into culture Gramsci's Prison Notebooks for example -- has an implicit poetics to it, but standing opposite to what we normally call a poem. This suggests roles that poets can play in the world quite divorced from merely writing poetry (or even prose, though it was the idea that poets could contribute prose to the anti-war cause - as speech writers or journalists, perhaps - that initially inspired the site."

Right on.

A tour of the blog circuit today shows that people are still thinking about it. There's an element of calm, sure, as the clouds of the first storm recede (impression of such, at least) and while folks take a few deep-cleansing breaths, anticipating future rounds.

BKS's call for "action with a poetics" makes a lot of sense, basically, as long as the bombs fall, which now seems always. The Guild respectively appropriates that phrase for our masthead.

Circulation is a kind of action, methinks. Bravo.


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