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Lessons I Learned (Again) Watching the Super Bowl

Pepsi and I-Tunes now hold intellectual property rights to the very *idea* of pirating music off the web.

Guys still think being a horny, sexist monkey is cool.

Everybody loves Raymond.

The Northern Patriots have defeated the Southern Black Panthers.

Auto manufacturers can now produce, market, and distribute twelve distinct types of automobile in less than two years.

Everybody loves Budweiser.

It's considered good ad copy to use "It's" to describe just about any product -- as in "It's the real thing."

It's now considered unacceptable for tobacco companies to lie to teenagers about the dangers of smoking.

It's now considered unacceptable for television networks to air commercials about the lies a president tells about the dangers of foreign regimes.

Kickers can win and lose games.

It's okay to flash Janet Jackson's right breast for a fraction of a second before breaking away to commercial.* And my fourth-grade daughter thinks that's "pretty weird."

Homer Simpson uses Mastercard.

If we didn't have Pepsi, we wouldn't have had Jimi Hendrix.

*Turns out it isn't.


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