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Chez Stephanie, Hayle's remediation as "medial ecology": "robust interactions between media" -- on the kitchen table, Mayakovsky's "How Are Verses Made," and by the back door, a box of Alli Warren's Schema of which a copy my way with a cup of english breaky -- "an ecology in which one medium is remediated in another, only to be remediated in turn" -- decision to lodge visiting readers between the wooden pillars in front of a decommissioned fireplace loaded with candles to give the impression that "something is burning" -- Boog City cover piece on magic -- "Spring Forward" post-it-noted to clock: 7:20 -- Hayle's "grounding" in the "materiality of the literary artifact" is to Stephanie's cat as a poetry reading is to the illusion of fire -- literary theorists fetishize material and mediation with a vigor rooted, I think, in a grounding anxiety about unearthed literary artifacts stripped progressively ("in the zesty, contentious, and rapidly transforming media ecology of the new millennium") of their factual topsoil -- a positivist fantasy eeks out a fascination for 3-D modeling, in other words -- the slime in simulation covers the raw meat of remediation -- a canonizing b friends -- children of privilege, already too saturated to get off on a good play, play the 'mimic' game to exhaustion -- O and I simultaneously start new books -- "electronic literature" (9): boom, there it is

J.R.'s luminescence lifting off the page, in the 12th c., per late manuscript turn from lumination to standardized lettering, the book as printable object born in these early scriptural moments -- more pedagogy than commerce here: how to read, and where is it? (light of text, the light within) -- i.e., Illich, from a bunch of mumblers to silent readers -- S.Y. wonders "what for" (publication as occasion) -- birthday: "in fact, I do feel one our holder" (forward sprung) -- to the alchemical burden of authenticity (via?) debts to authority, antiquity -- originality as personality (no two ways about it) (no two people alive at this moment have a flying squirrel swimming in their coffee, ergo, unique) -- at the Doubletree, e-mail made easy, just plug in this cable, power up, and launch -- are you earning both points and miles?

open source capturing -- the phenomenological fallacy: assumption that, given a sufficient and preferrably sexy set of structural preconditions, whole conceptual apparatuses can be junked which nonetheless prove vital to the argument: e.g., where authors collaborate nonverbally across network spaces, authorship itself "goes out the window" -- the "royal you": looking at this piece, you notice... -- pixel forging, screen blowing, and other new offerings at the artsy foundry -- metadata transfer protocol allows us (univ. "we") to label our image files without sacrificing our Kodac moments -- we need a lexiconography to underwrite our gesturo-haptic signings, J.R. and I -- networked hobos "talking to the air" -- materiality = communicative interactivity -- what exactly is a "material metaphor"? -- as "inscription technology" (24)? -- inherent redundancy in the term "technotext" -- using one derivation as prefix for another -- materiality: "how the work mobilizes its resources" (33) -- computer / software / network, combine to effect "a shift in the material SUBSTRATE of the [literary] artifact" -- this chasing after analytical object, even over shifting material sands -- multiple "components" of a second-gen hypertext become "signifying practices" -- our work here is done


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