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Head Count

disembodied head (19)
[syntax by affidavit--roiling]
marks fall to the floor everywhere (22)
[alt.slough/text][think MacLow with the same impressive agenda but perhaps a better sense of humor]
Mars needs terrorists [and water] (27)
[raunch of truth and culture wars]
I can no longer fight the delusions of the majority (32)
[the Web is what's on TV] a hobbit and a militant (34)
in layers or steps, like a pyramid of original texts (45)
little worm who prides himself on his weakness / ruling the house
of the white mouse (53)
[tenders fastidiously funny currency, news & bruise of Bush&Co. sans the scowl and sideburns, i.e., a lot of likeable anger pushing buttons all the same]
what we really need / is to know when he has attacked everything
[Chomsky on St. John's Wort?] (59)
men take it easy and put down your tools (62) [built by you know who]
dead in a dead language (62) [end of history = great fodder for gravedigging poets with a decent Internet connection and preferred browser]
it was only half ironic (86)
[knock knock who's there meets ding-dong ditch?]
just beyond my vision, deep in the forest, shapes moved (93)
[searching for evidence...translating a borrowed source]
I'm just something to hang / on the wall like a deer head (97)
profane sadness of modern society (103)
...the same deer's head for instance / ...appears over and over (109)
...there is a deer head / ...there will be no terrorism (111)

--except for stuff in brackets, from Kasey's Deer Head Nation

--on deck: Rodrigo's Platform


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