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Where are the snows of yester-blog?

Communication: A Poetics is moving along apace.
Meanwhile, "knowledge incorporated" and assorted "techniques of ordering" the "disorder."

A cooler San Diego summer than usual.
But summer in San Diego doesn't start til September.

Anyone going to Zuk-fest then?

In TJ last week, with Mark Weiss and Octavia (Davis), to see "photographs by young Chinese photographers." Not one not good. Fun to see Mark, who moves to New Yark (October).

I defend a dissertation that month -- a defense, theoretically foregone, nonetheless logistically required -- meaning, I must do what I've already done.

Unmeasurably more interesting than that is the novel Octavia and I are working on -- a dark comedy about virgin vampires battling a priapic zombie.

The kids are in camp. The cabinets are done. And Kerry is under the gun.

More when it matters. Meanwhile check out that Chain call for "facts" -- irresistable.


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