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And Then Two Weeks Go By


Guild Night at Korova, October 27, a Wednesday, about 7pm, maybe 90 minutes of programming followed by Open [up the] Mic.

Theme: "Pre-Election Selection Rejection"

Kicking off with "Next on Jerry Springer," smash-mouthed with Carlos maybe.

Other features: "Los Blake" (Conrad mixed with Dead Man, call-and-response, closing with live commentary, all to the tune of 'Round Midnight).

Here's the official promo:

> > Join us for Guild night at Korova Coffee Bar, Wed, Oct 27, 7-10pm.
> >
> > Program includes poetry and broken word performance, sound events,
> > video interludes, watermelon haiku, and other moments of applied
> > literary activism. Followed by Open [up the] Mic.
> >
> > Contact : : for further information.
> >
> > Details:
> >
> > SDPG @ Korova Coffee Bar
> > "Pre-Election Selection Rejection"
> > Wed, Oct 27, 7-10 pm, including Open [up the] Mic
> > 4496 Park Blvd. (south of Adams Ave.)
> > San Diego, CA


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