San Diego Poetry Guild

notes on guild, poetry, and San Diego



Bring the page to glow, or,
essay as reflective text.

Otherwise, "technologies of writing"
as a winter seminar(y).

What writing needs
is a poetics of reading.

The Poker
sent me packing.

Cheating corrupts
cheaters corrupt absolutely.

The obvious analogy
is notwithstanding.



Coffee with Carlos yields performative mandate: dramatic reading, but not "theater," and a tripartite blue-green-mauve? E.g., street theater in October, but with lots more street in it.

The roughly 400 years separating Hugh's Didascalicon, Montaigne's Essais, and Ted Nelson's "intertwingling" -- a corpulescence of incorporation.

With O: On Educating Educators, or, the importance of being fieldnotes.



My Life read against Illich's Vineyard, Hugh of St. Victor's "luminous page" and the quest for the divine through meditative, experiential reading (as pedagogy).

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