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We have come a long way from what we actually felt

Long hiatus from blogging too. Big heavy summer finally tips over into fall. Stretching out with Combo and Crayon, some Letters of Insurgents, Daly's DaDaDa on deck. Maya and Zazil, who grew up on the stuff, refer to Cat Stevens as "Daddy." Another degree by Halloween.

Kristeva's Powers of Horror, first chapter at least, offers good fodder for fleshing out novel: virgin stripper meets priapic zombie, which, now turned over to Octavia, is officially off the burner.

The Guild needs more guts.

Here, until the plug gets pulled, some needed life life life. Turning tea into a tempest. Reading in December, for the Brutalists: Drops, Flutes, and Letters.

Seems there was this 15-month period, then wars and the ascent of evangelical democracy. How would Franklin and the other Masons fare?

Must check in and see how y'all are doing.

Peace from "Enron by the Sea."



An old building creaks, more so by water.

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