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Plates Form

Group 1: Or, some gnawing negation
impelling all this? (15)
preemptive / authorships (16)
logging on to a collectivizing -- chance? (18)
[defamatory / familiarized (ill ear eyes)]
[Bertolt Brecht: "The Doubter" -- scathing skepticism?]
complimentary encryptionists (authors) (34)
mannerism (36)
[foggy clear density, compounding, great zesty and necessary space/page light, luminiscent fragment]
current // Current [and currency] (37)
Tactics first, Strategy second, Theory third (39)
[in a sea of] translucent / literary gladiators (47)
[platform as elevation, stage, political agenda, justifying doctrine -- plate form, public scaffold]
Group 2: [second verse, same aesthe-farce?]
barely intelligible / broken character witness // poetry (82)
Group 3: Where does my inspiration go? (100)
pata-- / fisticuffs? (104)
[squeeze of the anti-title]
openly / syndicalist poetics (125) [c: Kuszai on smallpress publishing]
[languo-funk salad! just not stoppable, as in: grid-specific wrangling over juiced up swap meat rhetoric -- alright, sorta makes you wanna dance this way, or shut up]
[middle long poem: that strange new sense-making in a fractured, frissoned, frenetic]
Group 4: [clarion cacaphonic cut-up]
dapper doubt (191) [& so forth]...stress like that (192)
Group 5: A move (at last) // a move meant
strike! (215)
[a letter to communicate a position, in form]
from a distance / almost assertive (226)

--except for stuff in brackets, from Rodrigo Toscano's Platform

--on deck: Catherine Daly's Da Da Da


Head Count

disembodied head (19)
[syntax by affidavit--roiling]
marks fall to the floor everywhere (22)
[alt.slough/text][think MacLow with the same impressive agenda but perhaps a better sense of humor]
Mars needs terrorists [and water] (27)
[raunch of truth and culture wars]
I can no longer fight the delusions of the majority (32)
[the Web is what's on TV] a hobbit and a militant (34)
in layers or steps, like a pyramid of original texts (45)
little worm who prides himself on his weakness / ruling the house
of the white mouse (53)
[tenders fastidiously funny currency, news & bruise of Bush&Co. sans the scowl and sideburns, i.e., a lot of likeable anger pushing buttons all the same]
what we really need / is to know when he has attacked everything
[Chomsky on St. John's Wort?] (59)
men take it easy and put down your tools (62) [built by you know who]
dead in a dead language (62) [end of history = great fodder for gravedigging poets with a decent Internet connection and preferred browser]
it was only half ironic (86)
[knock knock who's there meets ding-dong ditch?]
just beyond my vision, deep in the forest, shapes moved (93)
[searching for evidence...translating a borrowed source]
I'm just something to hang / on the wall like a deer head (97)
profane sadness of modern society (103)
...the same deer's head for instance / ...appears over and over (109)
...there is a deer head / ...there will be no terrorism (111)

--except for stuff in brackets, from Kasey's Deer Head Nation

--on deck: Rodrigo's Platform



Like plump birds along the shore



Freedom Torture.



"That's another thing: Capitalism or the bourgeois world are based on a straight line, and that's part of this destruction. If you go fast enough on a straight line, that's called progress, but you can destory everything. It leads to the bottom--a straight line leads to the bottom. If you keep circling you can't do that, because it's going to return. As a writer--to think on that cause and effect, going towards a goal, attaining a goal and winning. A straight line is deathly. Our whole society is based on it."

[ from an interview with Meridel Le Sueur, XCP 11 ]


What distinguishes a game from a non-game?



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