San Diego Poetry Guild

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Guild Words

The following is a list of words that we at S.D.P.G. use to describe ourselves:

active, activist, building, candid(ly), care(ing), challenge, change, children, choice, citizen, commitment, common sense, compete, confident, conflict, control, courage, crusade, debate, dream, duty, eliminate good time in prison, empower, fair, family, freedom, hard work, help, humane, inventive, initiative, lead, learn, legacy, liberty, light, listen, mobilize, moral, movement, opportunity, passionate, peace, pioneer, precious, preserve, principled, pristine, pro-flag / children /environment, prosperity, protect, proud, provide, reform, share, strength, success, tough, truth, unique, vision, we/us/our, workfare.

[from a 1990 Republican pamphlet entitled Language: A Key Mechanism of Control]


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